The Saunders Castle

Rules & Regulations

This guide explains service and conditions specific to hosting an event at the Venue. All capitalized terms shall have the meaning as stated in the Rental License Agreement of which this Exhibit A is a part.
Downloadable PDF: The Castle - Rules and Regulations

Rental Costs

Site Rental Fee:
Rental per event day is $11,500.00 for a clean and empty Venue. Rental for any set up or breakdown days outside of event days are $5,500.00 each.

Includes the following:
  • Onsite Event Manager
  • Security Staff
  • Bathroom Porters
  • HVAC
  • Existing lighting for the Venue
  • Delivering the Venue in clean and move in condition
  • Event Day Site Rental Fee $11,500.00
    Set-Up and, or Breakdown Day Rental Fee – per day$5,500.00

Security Deposit
  • The Licensee will supply a $2,000.00 security deposit to the Licensor. This will be returned 2 weeks after the last day of the event, if no damage has occurred.

  • Required Security Deposit $2,000.00
Operations and Cleaning Fee
There is a one-time operations and cleaning fee of $3,400.00 which incorporates administrative and operating costs, maintenance, bathroom & cleaning supplies, delivery & removal of (6) 96 gallon receptacles, cleaning fee for a final clean to clear the space of limited trash remnants, vacuum and shampoo carpets post-event and cleaning of all bathrooms.

The Venue must be returned to Licensor in the same condition as it was delivered with all materials and trash removed from the space. At the conclusion of your event, all trash must be placed inside sealed trash bags and placed in the provided receptacles. Receptacles must be placed outside in the alley at the conclusion of the event with lids securely closed. Trash bags cannot be left around or on top of the bins.
    Operations and Cleaning Fee to include (6) 96 gallon receptacles $3,400.00

    Licensee may request additional 96 Gallon Trash Receptacles for an additional $30.00 per bin.

    Additional Trash Bin Rental - Per Bin $30.00

    Licensor needs to know 1 week prior to your event if you would require more than (6) 96 gallon receptacles.

    Licensee will be assessed an additional cleaning fee post event if:
  • A cleaning crew is required to come in after the event to remove hazardous materials (TVs, paint, chemicals, etc.).
  • Excessive damage to the carpet requires additional treatment or the replacement of carpet tiles.
  • Drivable Lifts MAY NOT be driven directly on the carpet. Plywood, hard backed fiberboard or the like must be used under the wheels of any lift as the carpet will tear without this. Any misuse of lifts that result in the carpet tearing will be assessed costs to repair or replace the carpet. All lifts will be rented/supplied by United Stage and rigging listed below under “Rigging"
  • There is any damage to the walls that require cleaning, patching or repainting

Event Liaison/Management Services:
An Event Manager is required to be in the Venue during setup, breakdown and throughout the event day. The Event Manager will serve as the Licensee's main point of contact while in the Venue. This person will arrive 30 minutes' prior and stay 30 minutes after each setup, event and breakdown day (and/or at the Licensor's discretion).

Based on the contracted times, this cost will be estimated prior to the event. Event Manager costs incurred during or after the event will be ADDED to the Licensee's bill post event.

    Event Manager
    • 4 Hour minimum charge
    • Each hour over 4 hours – per hour
    Overtime Charges
    • Between 12:01 am – 6:00am – per hour

Outside security service is required for all events starting 30 minutes prior to the event and ending 30 minutes after. Required security will be on site to secure the Venue only and is booked by the Licensor. The number of security personnel required will depend on guest count and more specifically the type of event. The pricing estimate for this will be included in your rental quote.

If the Licensee would like additional security personnel for their specific event needs, Licensor can provide this at an additional cost. Arrangements can be made through Licensor within
3 weeks' notice.

    Security Services
    • Security Personnel – 4-hour minimum
    • Each additional hour – per hour

    Number of Security Personnel Needed
    (Pending type of Event)

    • Up to 250 people
    1 Security Personnel
    • 250 – 500 people
    2 Security Personnel
    • 500 – 750 people
    3-4 Security Personnel
    • 750 – 1000 people
    5+ Security Personnel

Porting Services:
Porters are required to be in the Venue on the event day(s) and/or at the licensor's discretion. Arriving 1 hour prior and remaining 1 hour after the scheduled event time, the porters are responsible for maintaining the bathrooms for guests, replenishing supplies and ensuring general cleanliness of the restrooms and foyer areas throughout the event.

If the Licensee would like additional porters arranged for specific event needs, Licensor can provide this at an additional cost. Arrangements can be made through Licensor within 3 weeks' notice.

Based on event time, this cost will be estimated prior to the event and ADDED to your bill post event.

    Porter Services
    • 4 Hour minimum charge (2 attendants)
    • Each hour over 4 hours – per hour (2 staff)

    *Please note that for events with over 400 guests, the number of porters required for the event will increase.

    Sample Castle Inclusive Pricing:One Day Event to include:
    • Event Set-Up day based on a maximum of 20 hours of venue use
    • Event Hours based on a maximum of 5 hours with an estimated guest count of 400 guests
    • Event Manager fees based on a maximum of 21 hours of Event Manager time
    • Porter fees based on a maximum of 7 hours; 1 male and 1 female attendant
    • Building Security fees based on a maximum of 6 hours

    • Site Fee $11,500.00
      Operations & Cleaning Fee $3,400.00
      Event Manager Fee $1,314.00
      Porters (2) $784.00
      Building Security (2) $1,020.00
      Estimated One Day Total$18.018.00

    One Day Set-Up or Breakdown to include:
    • Event Set-Up or break-down day based on a maximum of 12 hours of venue use
    • Event Manager fees based on a maximum of 13 hours of Event Manager time

    • Site Fee $5,500
      Event Manager Fee $779.00
      Estimated Set-Up/Breakdown Total – Per Day$6,279.00
    *Please Note:
    Hours in excess of those established above for access to the venue or events exceeding 5 hours will result in additional Event Manager fees. Events with over 400 guests may require additional bathroom porters and security staff. These fees do not include the administrative fees or actual costs for procurement of Entertainment Licensing or Bagged Meter permits.

    For a full pricing quote based on your requirements, please contact Maureen Peterson, the Castle Venue Manager.

ADA Accessibility

The Venue is ADA accessible. There is one ADA entrance/exit on the right side of the building. This entrance/exit cannot be blocked. If placing a stage or draping off space for “back of house" in that area, please note that 8' aisles must be created to allow for potential ADA guest access to the entrance/exit.

ADA restrooms are available on the main floor.


The Castle's approved capacities are as follows, pending final floor plan approval:

  • 530 Seated Dinner Style
  • 1,000 Reception Style
  • 1,000 Tradeshow Style (with approximately (70) 10' x 10' trade show booths)
  • 1,242 Theater Style (with stage)
*Please note that the numbers indicated above are inclusive of everyone in the venue at the time of the event including all staff and vendors.

It is the client's responsibility NOT to exceed the contracted number of guests. If guests exceed the contracted amount of guest during the actual event, Licensor reserved the right to reduce the number of guests in the space and/or the Fire Department has the right to close the event.

Food and beverage services at the Venue must be provided by one of the following vendors:

  • Bakers' Best - Jim Costa (857) 255-2557
  • Capers Catering - Emma Roberts (781) 279-5100
  • The Catered Affair - Andrew Marconi (781) 982-9333
  • Catering By Andrew (Kosher) - Andrew Wiener (617) 731-6585
  • Gourmet Caterers - Amy Porchenick (857) 728-2089
  • MAX Ultimate Food - Dan Mathieu and Neal Balkowitsch (617) 427-9799
  • (Bar Only) Premier Bartending – Ed Garland (781) 223-5001
If alcoholic beverages are being served, a liquor license is required, as well as possible other permits and licenses. Please see section marked "Licenses/Permits." The alcoholic beverages must be served by one of the above approved vendors. The serving of alcohol must end no later than one half hour before the conclusion of the event and in no circumstances, any later than 1:30 AM.

Special consideration may be made for "tasting" or "expo" style non-profit events.
Coat Check

There is no existing coat check at the Venue. All coat check equipment, staff or security to be provided by the Licensee at their expense. Licensor has no responsibility for any garments or equipment checked.


The Licensee is responsible for providing any needed equipment for the space, such as exhibit booths, decoration, tables, chairs, coat racks, staging.

The Following items are fire hazards and are prohibited for use in the Castle:

  • Pyrotechnics and haze are not allowed in the Venue.
  • Compressed flammable gases. Exception: Butane for cooking purposes with prior approval of the Castle.
  • Pyrotechnics, fog, flammable/combustible liquids, hazardous chemicals/materials, blasting agents and explosives.
  • No haze of any kind
  • No confetti of any kind
  • Cut Christmas trees, cut evergreens or similar trees.
  • Fireplace logs, charcoal and similar materials
  • untreated mulch and spanish moss or similar vegetation
  • Untreated hay or straw
  • Helium balloons

Other Decor Specifications:

  • The hanging or rigging of signs, displays or banners, etc. shall not interfere with the building fire sprinkler system. Anything hung from the ceiling must hang vertically, not horizontally. Some exceptions may be made for smaller horizontal areas which are constructed from a material that allows water to come through with at least ½" opening (or mesh effect).
  • The use of simulated snow types of material, as well as popcorn, will need special permission to use and will incur an additional cleaning fee.
  • Material that cannot be treated for flame retardancy shall not be used.
  • Nothing may be attached (taped, nailed, screwed) to any of the existing walls.
  • Nothing may be attached to and or displayed on the exterior of the building without prior written approval from the Licencor.
  • Licensee acknowledges and will abide by weight load specifications for staging and decor.
    • NOTE: The weight loads vary on the Castle floor. Larger lifts are only supported on certain areas of the floor. Any maintenance required to the floor due to over loading will be charged to the Licensee.
    • Please see separate document for bringing vehicles into the Venue.

  • Union Labor is not mandatory, but suggested.
The City of Boston Fire Code prohibits and use of:
  • Fabric attached to a ceiling or used to cover any portion of an exhibit.
  • Carpet on ceilings, walls, seating products, or as decorative material.

Licensor can supply a floor plan with the standard electrical outlets in the space and loads for each. This will be provided at NO CHARGE. If Licensee surpasses these loads provided, causing circuits to be blown and an emergency electrician is required on site the Licensee will be billed for this service. Please note, an on-call electrician can take up to 2 hours to arrive on site.

  • (27) Total available 20amp 120v Standard Edison Circuits on Ground Level
Any event or tradeshow with more than (10) Vendors or Exhibitors needing power will require a certified electrician for set up and to run power from the existing 20 amp circuits on the floor. If additional power, tie in and distribution of power is required, costs below will apply.

Please contact the required vendor for electrical services DIRECTLY for final pricing:

  • Required Vendor:
    Seaport Energy
    Primary- Shane Collins // (617) 439-5425

    Secondary- William McLaughlin // (617) 439-5425

    Licensee is required to contact Seaport Energy 30 days prior to the event day with initial electrical needs. Based on these needs, Seaport Energy will determine what services are needed. This cost will be BILLED TO CLIENT (Licensee) DIRECTLYby Seaport Energy. If the Licensee requires an electrician on site or additional power, Seaport Energy will need to know
    1 week prior to the event day.

    Power Supply Costs:
    Included labor to tie in/out, all permits required and power
    • 208v Single/Three phase – 30 amp circuit
      • DOES not include cording or distribution panel
    • 208v Single/Three phase – 60 amp circuit
      • DOES not include cording or distribution panel
    • 120/208v three phase 100amp service
      • DOES not include cording or distribution panel
    • 120/208v three phase 200amp service
      • DOES not include cording or distribution panel

    Electrician Fee:
    Onsite time – per electrician
  • Straight time, Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 4:00 pm (4 hr minimum)
  • $506.00
  • Each additional hour – per hour
  • $126.50
  • Overtime, Monday-Friday 4:01 pm – 6:29 am // All day Saturday (4 hr minimum)
  • $759.00
  • Each additional hour – per hour
  • $189.75
    Overtime,Sunday or Holidays – 4 hr minimum $1,012.00
    Each additional hour – per hour

    Required Labor for over (10) vendors/exhibitors requiring power
    Includes labor to run power and extensions cords and power strips for up to (20) vendors/exhibitors
  • Straight time load in / load out
  • $1,106.00
  • Straight time load in/Overtime load out (or visa versa)
  • $1,324.00
  • Overtime load in/ Load out
  • $1,542.00
  • Overtime Sunday/Holiday load in/load out
  • $1,977.00
  • Overtime Sunday/Holiday load in /Overtime load out (or visa versa)
  • $1,759.00
  • Overtime Sunday/Holiday load in / straight time load out

  • $1,542.00
    Emergency Labor – MINIMUM COSTS
    Please note, an on-call electrician can take up to 2 hrs to arrive on site.
    Power distribution:

    Total Power available:
  • Total load available is 1000 amps, 3 phase

Floor Plan/Ceiling Plan & Production Schedule

A final to-scale floor plan and a production schedule outlining a complete list of vendors with arrival, installation and breakdown times must be submitted to Licensor no later than 30 days prior to load in for approval.

  • Floor plans must include full production set to include pipe and drape locations and dimensions and any ceiling coverage. Exits must be well marked.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning units, emergency exits, exit signs, stairwell, etc. cannot be blocked or the Event Manager has the right to delay the start of the event until items are corrected. Existing exits may not be masked with fabric or décor. All exits must be visible to guests per the Boston Fire Department.
  • If pipe and drape is used in the foyer area it cannot obstruct the magnetic couplings used to hold the two sets of exit doors open. This is a fire hazard, as in the event of a fire these doors automatically shut to prevent fire from spreading from one side of the venue to the other depending on the location of the fire's origin.
  • Any changes required by Boston Fire / Building inspector will need to be changed for final floor plan approval.
  • Licensor will make every effort to ensure a final floor plan is approved. Licensor cannot guarantee that any onsite visit from Boston Fire will not incur further changes on site.
    • Entry Doors: With respect to the two secondary sets of entry doors on either side of the main entrance on Columbus Avenue, the set to the right and closest to the alley can only be used for purposes of load-in and load-out. The set to the left and leading into the interior small foyer may possibly be used as a guest entrance with prior approval. The ADA exit may also be used as a guest entrance with prior approval and considering the logistics of the event.
All preliminary rigging needs with arrival and installation times for load in and out must be submitted to United Rigging and Staging no later than 30 days prior to load in for approval.

  • You MAY NOT rig from the balconies and no guests are allowed on the balconies.
If Licensee requires production or technical assistance with technical drawings or has specific technical questions, the House Technician can assist.

Rates pending project needsPriced upon Request

At their expense, the Licensee must provide insurance as stated in the Rental License Agreement and as listed below.

Proper listing for the insurance certificate is:
  • Corinthian Events, LLC at 109 Kingston Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02111 AND
  • SaunStar, LLC at 130 Columbus Avenue, Boston MA 02116 AND
  • D.L. Saunders Real Estate Corp. at 20 Park Plaza, 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02116

All the above are "named additionally insured on a primary and noncontributory basis."
  • Insurance: Licensee shall maintain all insurance as set forth below. Such insurance shall not be cancelled without 30 days' prior written notice to Licensor and shall be in full force and effect on the Event Date and during any approved Load-in, Load-out periods. At least 30 days prior to the Event, Licensee shall provide Licensor with certificates of insurance naming Licensor and Owner, and any management agent and mortgagee of Licensor or Owner, as additional Insured on a primary, non-contributory basis.
  • The certificates of insurance must evidence the following coverage:
  • Comprehensive General Liability insurance against claims for property damage, personal injury, death, personal and advertising injury occurring upon, in or about the Venue, including plate glass coverage, such insurance to have limits no less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 in the aggregate.
  • Liquor Liability of $1,000,000.00 as stated above in 12.3
  • Automobile Liability including hired, non-owned automobile coverage of $1,000,000.00
  • An Umbrella Policy of $3,000,000.00
  • All insurance required to be maintained by Licensee under this Agreement must: (A) be issued by insurance companies having an A.M. Best's rating of at least A-VIII; (B) be written as primary policy coverage and not contributing to or in excess of any coverage which Licensor, Owner, or any present and/or future mortgagee may carry; and (C) contain an express waiver of any right of subrogation by the insurance company against Licensor and Owner, and all those named additional insureds.
  • Licensee, and all contractors and subcontractors that enter any part of the Venue at Licensee's request, shall have Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance as required by law.
  • To the maximum extent allowed by law, Licensee's use of the Venue is hereby licensed upon the condition that such use is at Licensee's assumption of all risks of loss and injury to persons and property; and the Licensor and Owner shall have no responsibility or liability for any such loss or injury for any reason whatsoever.


Complimentary limited wireless internet service is available for up to 497 users or devices.

For direct client, planners and their vendors use:
  • SSID: Castle Event
  • Password: BostonCastle

For guests use:
  • SSID: The Castle Guest
  • Password: CastleWIFI

Internet Vendor:


Below are the licenses and permits required by the Licensor for specific elements brought into the Venue:
  • Stage Permit
  • Valet Permit
  • Entertainment License
  • Bagged Meter Permit
  • Liquor License
  • Flame Certificates

    • Please note that the city may require additional licenses/permits, pending elements that the Licensee chooses to bring into the space.

      It is not the responsibility of the Licensor to specify what those permits or licenses are or how to secure them. It also remains the sole responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that the proper licenses and permits exist for the event. The Licensee must supply these and any other required licenses and permits required by the city to Licensor 1 week prior to event date.

      Licensor can secure the entertainment license and/or bagged meter permit on behalf of the Licensee, if required applications are completed and submitted to Licensor no later than 30 days prior to event date. The Licensor recommends applying 90 days prior to the event day, as this process can take time. An administration fee of $150.00 per license for facilitating these services and actual application fees will be ADDED to the bill.

      The Boston Police District Captain must approve all licenses/events and may require a BPD detail as a condition for the license. This cost will be paid by the Licensee. Licensor will act as "runner" for these licenses but take no responsibility if license request is accepted, delayed or denied.

      • Bagged Parking Meters: made available by the city of Boston but not guaranteed.
        • Optional
        • Procurement– Licensor can procure
        • Average permit cost to Licensee $46.00 - $60.00 per meter/ per day including signage (6 meters total)
        • Note that on Street Cleaning Days and Snow Emergency's you may be required to move vehicles parked at the metered spots, this is totally beyond our control. Street cleaning is every Wednesday from 8:00am - 12:00pm, April 1st - November 30th. The Licensor agrees to submit the necessary paperwork to the City of Boston for the purposes of obtaining these permits but cannot guarantee acceptance for availability for all requests submitted. Please note the City of Boston only allows us to bag meters for trucks loading in and out of the venue. Any private cars or vehicles parked in these spots can now be ticketed by the city and all tickets will be the responsibility of the client, guests or vendors parked there.

      • Entertainment License:

        1. Required when admission is being charged, exhibitors are paying booth rental, music of any kind is being played including music from Audio Devices such as IPOD's or MP3 players, or items are being sold.
        2. Procurement – Licensor can procure
        3. Permit cost to Licensee is $200.00 per day of event
        4. Licensee agrees to abide by state mandated Performance Withholding Tax regulations
        5. Police Chief requires with application:
          • Event description including purpose of event, if open to the public, flow of the event, if money is being raised and any other details of the event
          • To scale floor plan of anticipated set up of the event
          • Copy of any promotional material for the event if applicable

        6. *Please Note: During the application process the Boston Police Department at their discretion, may determine that a Police Detail is required for the event. In this situation any and all costs will be the sole responsibility of the Licensee. The approval of the entertainment license by the City of Boston, does not constitute approval of the floor plan by the Boston Fire Department.
      • Required for all soft goods/decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, hay, straw, moss, split bamboo, plastic cloth, and similar decorative materials. These materials shall be flame-retardant and Require flame retardant certificates from the manufacture AND need to be tested by the Boston Fire Department with a certificate of approval presented from the Boston Fire Department for each fabric.

        We cannot accept any certificates not provided by the Boston Fire Department.

        NOTE: the processing time for each sample is 30 days out.

      • The certificates must be presented to Licensor 1 week prior to installation. The Event Manager has the right to delay the start of the event if items are not removed that do not have proper certification.
      • Liquor License:
            1. Required when liquor is being served
            2. Procurement – Catering company acquires license or completes original application, submits it to Licensor and Licensor procures license
            3. Permit cost to Licensee $75.00 - $150.00 per day of event
            4. Police Chief requires with application:
            Event description including purpose of event, if open to the public, flow of the event, if money is being raised and any other details of the event
            • To scale floor plan of anticipated set up of the event
            • Copy of any promotional material for the event if applicable.

          • For more information please see the link below:
            Boston Liquor Licenses

            • All applications must be received by the Monday 2 weeks preceding the event to comply with the law. Original application with original signatures must be submitted.
            • Prior to submitting the application to the Board for its approval, you must have the District Police Station complete the police acknowledgement portion of the application.
            • Non-Profit organizations may apply for any type of license (All Alcohol or Malt and Wine). Non-profit organizations may be required to show proof of non-profit status.
            • All profit making enterprises may only apply for a Malt and Wine license, unless holding a not-for-profit event. Applicants hosting a not-for-profit event seeking an All Alcohol license may be required to submit additional information as to the type of event.
            • Certificates of Inspection must be presented for the Venue where the Board has not typically placed a license in the past. If event is in space owned by a public/governmental entity, you may have to provide proof of authority to use the space and serve alcohol therein.
            • You can pay with cash, check, credit or debit card when the license is issued and picked up. The fee is $150.00/day for an All-Alcoholic Beverages License and $75.00/day for a Malt and Wine Beverages License. If the License is granted for 30 consecutive days, the fee is a total of $250.00 for an All-Alcoholic Beverages License and $175.00 for a Malt and Wine Beverages License.
            • All persons issued a Special License must purchase the alcohol from a wholesaler licensed pursuant to G. L. c. 138, §§ 18, 19, 19B, or 19C, or from a holder of a special permit to sell issued under G. L. c. 138, § 22A. You cannot obtain the alcohol from a package store and cannot have the alcohol donated to you unless you were granted a Charity Wine/Auction license.
            • You cannot obtain the alcohol from a package store and cannot have the alcohol donated to you unless you were granted a Charity Wine/Auction license.

          • Use of Candles:
            • The use of candles requires an "application for use of candles" and the attendance of a paid Fire Marshal; fee is $32.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum (number of fire marshals is based on floor plan and/or final attendance).
              1. Required for any use of candles in the space
              2. Procurement – Licensee to procure and present 1 week prior to event
              3. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to secure a fire detail(s) if required
              4. Permit cost to Licensee – $50.00 per application and cost of fire detail on site
                Candle Usage Guidelines

        *Uncontrollable Cost Increases: Changes to the City of Boston permits and licensing fees are beyond the control of the Licensor. Should the Licensor procure these items and there is a rate change or increase, the post-event balance will reflect the current rates and any and all cost differences will be the responsibility of the Licensee.
    Lift Usage (Drivable lifts)

    All drivable lifts in the space will be rented through United Staging and Rigging. Only certified lift operators may then utilize these lifts in the space once rigging is complete to work off of their truss or adjust their equipment. Please note that additional materials cannot be rigged to any building structure at that time.

    • Drivable lifts MAY NOT be driven directly on the carpet. Plywood, hard backed fiberboard or the like must be used under the wheels of any lift as the carpet will tear without this. Any miss use of lifts that result in the carpet tearing will be assessed and costs to repair or replace the carpet will be billed to the Licensee.
    All loading in/out of the Venue is done at the Columbus Avenue entrance or at the side ADA entrance down the alley. This allows direct access to the Venue. Please note there is no actual loading dock. All trucks should be equipped with a hydraulic lift or ramp. It is suggested that the parking meters at this space be bagged to allow for a smooth load-in. Please see section marked “Licenses / Permits" for details. The alley to the right of the main entrance off Columbus Avenue cannot be kept blocked as it is an emergency egress as well as an ADA entrance and shared with the adjacent building. Please note that we have no control over the adjacent building's delivery schedule.

    Nearby Hotels

    The following hotels are in close vicinity to the Castle at Park Plaza, offering individual and group overnight accommodations:

    Boston Park Plaza
    Less than 500 feet from the venue
    50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 457-2401

    Revere Hotel
    Less than 0.25 miles from the venue
    200 Stuart Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 482-1800

    Taj Boston
    Less than 0.25 miles from the venue
    15 Arlington Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 536-5700

    Four Seasons Hotel
    Less than 0.5 miles from the venue
    200 Boylston Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 351-2007

    W Hotel
    Less than 0.5 miles from the venue
    100 Stuart Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 261-8700

    Outside Tenting in Parking Lot

    Catering tents or trucks cannot block the back alley, but may be set up in the neighboring parking lot, Laz Parking. Renting parking spaces to erect a catering tent or to park vehicles in may be arranged by contacting Laz Parking directly. When utilizing the lot for tenting purposes please note that nothing can be dismantled, broken down or loaded out of the lot during the 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM time frame due to residential ordinances.

    *Please note that Laz Parking is in an independent agent with no association to The Castle. It is the Licensee's sole responsibility to contact Laz Parking and secure a rental agreement for the required dates needed. We would suggest securing the lot, if it is required or essential for your event, prior to finalizing any agreement with The Castle. Should you not secure the lot and have to cancel your event, full cancellation penalties would apply.

      Suggested Vendor for Catering Tent:
    • Peterson Party Center (781) 729-4000

      There is no onsite parking for the Venue. Paid parking is available at a variety of different garages, all located within close proximity to the Venue. The Licensee may also contact Laz Parking, the lot just behind the Castle, to buy out spaces.

        Laz Parking Lot:
      • Christian Straub, Managing Director, the Ultimate Companies (617) 424-3002

        Valet Parking can be arranged for an additional cost
      • Suggested Vendor:
        Ultimate Parking (617) 424-3002

      A requested date will be held on a courtesy basis for up to 30 (thirty) days or until such time as another party may be requesting to contract the space. At the time of another contract request, Licensee will be given 24 hours to submit this signed agreement along with the required deposits.


      Restrooms are available on the lower level of the Venue, in addition to the 2 single-use ADA accessible restrooms available on the main level. The restrooms located on the lower level include a men's room with 4 stalls and 4 urinals and a women's room with 5 stalls. All of these facilities are monitored by attendants as part of the rental of the Venue.

      Additional porta-potties are recommended at the Licensee's cost for larger events and may be placed in the Laz Parking lot outside. The Licensee must make the parking lot rental arrangements directly with Laz (see “Parking" section for contact and pricing information).

      Suggested Vendor for Porta-Potties:
      United Site Services (508) 594-2655

      Porters can be hired to oversee these restrooms at an additional cost through the Licensor within 3 weeks' notice.


      Any event taking place at the Venue which requires rigging in the ceiling requires use of the approved rigging company,
      United Staging and Rigging (Eric Frishman at 781-376-9180 ext. 247). This company must make all attachments to the structure and provide all rigging hardware, hoists motors, lifts and operators of drivable lifts.

      USR has the sole responsibility to move any suspended items in the space except when the skill of a specialized operator is required. In example: automated scenery or acrobatic rigging. In these cases, they will work closely with the provider of said items to ensure they are installed within the rated capacity of the Venue and operated in a safe manner.

      They must receive confirmation of rigging needs 30 days prior to scheduled load in. Rigging plot must contain all dimensions, intended point locations and load calculations. Submitted plots must show all items to be attached to truss to avoid delays during load in.

      All Rigging and equipment costs will BILLED TO CLIENT (Licensee) DIRECTLY by United Staging and Rigging.

      A minimum of 2 riggers (including 1 head rigger) at an 8 hour minimum is required for any load in and a 6 hour minimum for load out, plus the cost of the lifts is required.

          Labor Hourly Rates: 7:00 am – 11:59 pm, Monday – Saturday
        • Head Rigger - per hour
        • $95.00
        • Rigger - per hour

        • $84.00
          Over Time Rates: 12:01 am – 6:59 am, Monday – Saturday, any call with a start time before 07:00 am, after 10 consecutive hours on any call or less than 8 hrs off between call end and start times
        • Head Rigger - per hour
        • $142.00
        • Rigger - per hour

        • $125.00
          Double Time: Sunday and Holidays or after 14 consecutive hours
        • Head Rigger - per hour
        • $189.00
        • Rigger - per hour

        • $167.00
          Standard Equipment Rates: (not a complete list of available items)

          Rental Period:
          The Equipment Rental period will be based on a weekly rate, with 7 days equaling a week. The changeover from one event to another may result in the possibility of 2 weeks of billing within a 7-day period. To clarify, Event 1 rents the space Monday-Wednesday, Event 2 runs Thursday-Sunday. Equipment will be charged 1 week for the equipment used for each event, resulting in charges equal to 2 weeks during this 7-day period.

          Required Equipment to be provided by United Staging and Rigging
        • Rigging Point Charge
        • $90.00
        • Chain Hoist
        • $125.00
        • Personnel Lifts –
        • pending lift needs
        • Above pricing INCLUDES any delivery or pick up of the above equipment

        • Optional Rental Equipment
        • Truss Silver(per foot)
        • $5.00
        • Truss Black (per foot)
        • $7.00
        • Corner Blocks
        • $50.00
        • Delivery and pick of optional equipment
        • -Pending Elements rented

          Vendor List

          Below is a list of approved vendors that can work in the Venue:

          • You are required to use one of the catering vendors listed below for food and beverage service, United Staging and Rigging for all rigging services and Seaport Energy for electrical needs.
          • A full vendor list is due to Licensor 30 days prior to the event.
          • Due to their familiarity with this historic venue, it is strongly recommended that one of the Preferred Audio/Visual vendors is used for AV services. If the Licensee chooses to use an outside vendor for any type of Audio/Visual, there is a one-time $2,500.00 outside vendor fee billed to the Licensee per outside vendor. Licensee will also be required to provide the appropriate insurance for approval. Any outside vendor MUST be approved by Licensor in order to work in the space.
          • Requests to bring outside food and beverage providers into the venue such as celebrity chefs, food concessions or specialty food services not on our preferred list will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may incur additional outside vendor fees.
          • Licensee will make arrangements with all required and preferred vendors. Charges resulting from required and preferred vendor services will be billed directly to Licensee.

          Exclusive Vendors:



          • Patriot Security– Please contact the Castle Venue Manager for security needs, no outside security companies are allowed in the venue.

            Preferred Vendors:
            Due at a Glance

            Upon Signing of Contract
            • A 50% deposit is due, based on estimated event costs, along with a $2,000.00 security deposit

            30 Days Prior to Event
            • Contact information for lead Licensee staff on site during setup, event and breakdown hours
            • Final event times and final arrival/departure times to the Venue
            • Complete list of vendors being used
            • Production schedule, outlining all vendor arrival, installation and breakdown times
            • Final floor plan, to be approved by Licensor
            • Proof of insurance, properly listing Corinthian Events, LLC, SaunStar Land Corp., LLC and D.L. Saunders Real Estate Corporation as additionally insured on a primary, non-contributory basis
            • Confirmation that contact has been made with Seaport Energy and United Staging and Rigging, if electrical or rigging services are needed
            • Confirmation on whether Licensor is pulling Bagged Meter Permits and/or an Entertainment License on behalf of the Licensee
            • Confirmation on whether Licensor is arranging for additional 96 gallon outdoor trash receptacles
            • Second Event Deposit due, based upon estimated event costs

            3 Weeks Prior to Event
            • Confirmation on whether additional security staff is wanted for Licensee's specific event needs
            • Confirmation on whether additional porting staff is wanted for Licensee's specific event needs

            1 Week Prior to Event
            • Copies of flame certificates from the Boston Fire Department for all fabrics being brought into the Venue
            • Copy of Entertainment License and/or Bagged Meter Permits, if Licensee pulled these
            • Copy of the Liquor License, if liquor (includes beer & wine) is being served
            • Copy of Stage and/or Valet Permits if applicable
            • Candle usage approval and Fire Marshal proof of hire if applicable
            • Final guest count

            2 Weeks Post Event
            • Post-Event Balance due, based upon damages and/or post-event charges
            • Licensor will return security deposit to Licensee less any additional on-site costs or additions
            Two immersive art exhibitions are now showing at The Saunders Castle: “Immersive Frida Kahlo" and “Immersive Klimt: Revolution," featuring the works of Gustav Klimt. To learn more, please visit and

            The Saunders Castle at Park Plaza
            Site Address | 130 Columbus Avenue | Boston MA 02116