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Required Costs

Site Rental Fee
Rental per event day is $11,500 for a clean and empty Venue. Rental for any set up or breakdown days outside of event days are $5,500 each.

    These fees include the following:
  • HVAC
  • Existing lighting for the Venue
  • Delivering the Venue in clean and move in condition

Event Day Site Rental Fee$11,500.00
Set-Up and, or Breakdown Day Rental Fee - per day$5,500.00

Security Deposit
  • The Licensee will supply a $2,000 security deposit to the Licensor. This will be returned 2 weeks after the last day of the event, if no damage has occurred.

Required Security Deposit$2,000.00

Operations and Cleaning Fee
There is a one-time operations and cleaning fee of $2,900.00 which incorporates administrative and operating costs, maintenance, bathroom & cleaning supplies, delivery & removal of (6) 96 gallon receptacles, cleaning fee for a final clean to clear the space of limited trash remnants, vacuum and shampoo carpets post-event and cleaning of all bathrooms.

The Venue must be returned to Licensor in the same condition as it was delivered with all materials and trash removed from the space. At the conclusion of your event, all trash must be placed inside sealed trash bags and placed in the provided receptacles. Receptacles must be placed outside in the alley at the conclusion of the event with lids securely closed. Trash bags cannot be left around or on top of the bins.

Operations and Cleaning Fee to include (6) 96 gallon receptacles$2,900.00

  • Licensee may request additional 96 Gallon Trash Receptacles for an additional $30.00 per bin.
Additional Trash Bin Rental - Per Bin$30.00

  • Licensor needs to know 1 week prior to your event if you would require more than (6) 96 gallon receptables.

Licensee will be assessed an additional cleaning fee post event if:
  • A cleaning crew is required to come in after the event to remove hazardous materials (TVs, paint, chemicals, etc.).
  • Excessive damage to the carpet requires additional treatment or the replacement of carpet tiles.
  • Drivable Lifts MAY NOT be driven directly on the carpet. Plywood, hard backed fiberboard or the like must be used under the wheels of any lift as the carpet will tear without this. Any misuse of lifts that result in the carpet tearing will be assessed costs to repair or replace the carpet. All lifts will be rented/supplied by United Stage and rigging listed below under "Rigging".
  • There is any damage to the walls that require cleaning, patching or repainting.

Event Liaison/ Management Services:
An Event Manager is required to be in the Venue during setup, breakdown and throughout the event day. The Event Manager will serve as the Licensee's main point of contact while in the Venue. This person will arrive 30 minutes prior and stay 30 minutes after each set-up, event and breakdown day (and/or at the Licensor's discretion).

Based on the contacted times, this cost will be estimated prior to the event. Event Manager costs incurred during or after the event will be ADDED to the Licensee's bill post event.

Event Manager
4 Hour minimum charge$275.00
Each hour over 4 hours - per hour$56.00
Overtime Charges
Between 12:01am - 6:00am - per hour$85.00

Outside security service is required for all events starting 30 minutes prior to the event and ending 30 minutes after. Required security will be on site to secure the Venue only and is booked by the Licensor. The number of security personnel required will depend on guest count and more specifically the type of event. The pricing estimate for this will be included in your rental quote.

If the Licensee would like additional security personnel for their specific event needs, Licensor can provide this at an additional cost. Arrangements can be made through Licensor within 3 weeks' notice.

Security Services
Security Personnel - 4 hour minimum$320.00
Each additional hour - per hour$78.00

Number of Security Personnel Needed (Pending type of Event)
Up to 250 people1 Security Personnel
250 - 550 people2 Security Personnel
500 - 750 people3-4 Security Personnel
750 - 1000 people5+ Security Personnel

Porting Services

Porters are required to be in the Venue on the event day(s) and/or at the licensor's discretion. Arriving 1 hour prior and remaining 1 hour after the scheduled event time, the porters are responsible for maintaining the bathrooms for guests, replenishing supplies and ensuring general cleanliness throughout the event.

If the Licensee would like additional porters arranged for specific event needs, Licensor can provide this at an additional cost. Arrangements can be made through Licensor within 3 weeks' notice.

Based on event time, this cost will be estimated prior to the event and ADDED to your bill post event.

Porter Services
4 Hour minimum charge (2 attendants)$360.00
Each additional hour over 4 hours- per hour (2 staff)$90.00

*Please note that for events with over 600 guests, the number of porters required for the event will increase.

Sample Castle Inclusive Pricing:

One Day Event to Include:
  • Event Set-Up day based on a maximum of 20 hours of venue use
  • Event Hours based on a maximum of 5 hours with an estimated guest count of 400 guests
  • Event Manager fees based on a maximum of 21 hours of Event Manager time
  • Porter fees based on a maximum of 7 hours; 1 male and 1 female attendant
  • Building Security fees based on a maximum of 6 hours

Site Fee $11,500.00
Operations & Cleaning Fee $2,900.00
Event Manager Fee $1,328.50
Porters (2) $630.00
Building Security (1) $476.00
Estimated One Day Total$16,834.00

One Day Set-Up or Breakdown to Include:
  • Event Set-Up or break-down day based on a maximum of 12 hours of venue use
  • Event Manager fees based on a maximum of 13 hours of Event Manager time

Site Fee $5,500.00
Event Manager Fee $779.00
Estimated Set-Up/Breakdown Total - Per Day$6,279.00

*Please Note:
Hours in excess of those established above for access to the venue or events exceeding 5 hours will result in additional Event Manager fees. Events with over 400 guests may require additional bathroom porters and security staff. These fees do not include the administrative fees or actual costs for procurement of Entertainment Licensing or Bagged Meter permits.

For a full pricing quote based on your requirements, please contact Carolyn Edwards, the Castle Venue Manager.
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